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Justin Time - a Self Portrait

My name is Justin. When someone says "just in time" or "just in case" there's usually a moment when I think they are talking to me, even if they're not. For some friends it's already a nickname. Well, now it's a self-portrait. 

There are lots of symbols in this piece. In addition to burying my visage in a collage of time-keepers, I've personalized it with regard to the animals. A sharp eye will spot two dogs and three cats in the image, all of whom reference pets I had at the time of this piece. If you've met me in person then you understand the giraffe (I’m pretty tall), and the roosters refer to my last name, which means “rooster” in Czech. Even the time is symbolic. 10:10 is when clock hands form a ‘check’ mark. 

Actually, that's kinda 'me' in general. I like clever. Clever is concepts and ideas, subtext and symbols, sociology and psychology, and bringing it all together to create something unique or unexpected. Clever is what really inspires me about design, art, architecture, and, well, life. I like stuff that makes me think. Or makes me laugh. Or makes me think about laughing. If I laugh too much while I'm thinking though, people give me looks.

I've always enjoyed writing and will credit myself with having a way with the written word. Spelling, grammar, and communication in general are some of my greatest strengths. I am passionate enough about English to get the urge to correct half the Internet on its misuse of "your" and "too", but wise enough to avoid it. I won't go that far. But I'm close.

In addition to avoiding grammar fights on the web, I also pride myself on my bizarre ability to generate acronyms for pretty much anything. Like: 

C.H.R.I.S.T.M.A.S! = Children Hope Rudolph Is Scheduled To Make A Stop.


S.N.O.W. = Slippery Nuisance Obstructing Walkways.

Alright, enough reading. Get to looking: