TyGirlz Clothing Stores

International Lobbies and Dressing Rooms

(Lobbies & Dressing Rooms for New York; Paris; Rome; Cairo; London; Hong Kong; Dressing Rooms for Hawaii; & Hollywood)

Users could experience 'shopping around the world' by traveling to other cities and purchasing new duds. Conceptually, the idea was that clothing racks would emerge from the back of the dressing rooms to surround the user with a bevy of clothing options (including footwear and accessories as shown in some images). Additionally, one 'traditional costume' was featured for VIP users in each of the lobbies.

  • New York - Disco themed. Lobby checkout counter is shaped like a giant platform heel. 
  • Paris - Wall pieces in lobby resemble the Arc de Triomphe, and the draped fabric behind the user's avatar in the dressing room resembles the Eiffel Tower.
  • Rome - Classical Roman architecture with columns, fountains, and ivy. Dressing room has open air ceiling and clothes emerge from behind statues.
  • Cairo - Ancient Egyptian themed.
  • London - Punk themed lobby & subway-themed dressing room.
  • Hong Kong - Chinese architecture & zen-themed dressing room.
  • Hawaii - Dressing room featured tanning bed lights formed in the shape of a cresting wave with the user's avatar standing on a surf board in the middle. Floor is filled with water and clothes emerge out of giant tiki statues in the background.
  • Hollywood - Dressing room puts the user on the red carpet. Clothes emerge from two giant film reels in the background. 

(central TyGirl, clerks, and clothing by another artist)