TyGirlz Misc. Illustration and Conceptual Drawings

Miscellaneous TyGirlz Illustration

(Jukebox Music Player; Hong Kong Gift Shop; Original Paris Cafe (halfway complete); TyGirlz Advertisement)

  • Hong Kong Gift Shop - Another artist was responsible for the international gift shops. I only helped out with this one (items for sale also by other artists).
  • Paris Cafe - This is the working image of the original Paris Cafe. I liked where it was going so I've included it here.
  • TyGirlz Advertisement - Used to call attention to the changes to the site in an effort to drive new membership.

TyGirlz Conceptual Drawings

(Dressing Room conceptual sketches for: Hawaii & Cairo; Rome; Hollywood; Paris; New York; London (with clothing rack sketched); Cafe conceptual sketches for Hollywood; Hawaii; Rome; Conceptual sketch for Jukebox music player; Conceptual sketch for Hong Kong Gift Shop; Conceptual sketches for Home Page redesign, featuring international storefront icons)

Most final art stayed pretty true to the sketches above with the most notable exceptions being New York's disco dressing room (sans disco ball), and the Hong Kong Gift Shop (sans central circular stairway). The Hollywood Cafe's sketch was flipped for the final.

The redesigned Home Page sought to further explore the 'shop around the world' concept by placing the user's avatar on the top of a circular globe, with whatever city she was currently in as the backdrop. To change cities, the user need only walk to the left or right to start the globe spinning and putting a new city background behind the user's icon.  In this way the user's icon does not actually move, suggestive of the world revolving around you, the user. Selecting the city would reveal a larger version, with clickable stores. The example illustrated shows conceptualized Hong Kong's Gift Shop, Clothing Store, Cafe, and Furniture Shop.