TyGirlz Interface Design

Interface Redesign for the "All About Me" Page

(images show fully collapsed, fully expanded, and mixed versions of the "My ___" windows; & Wallpaper changed)

The TyGirlz "All About Me" page is similar to a profile page. Here the user can display their stats and favorites, such as favorite TG game or music genre. Other information, such as the user's age, sign, friend list, & various polls and surveys can be found here as well. In addition, friends can leave comments for the user or grade their avatar's "cuteness" in the categories of hair, makeup and clothing.

"My Diary" Interface Walkthrough

(images show Diary Cover; Diary Entry Page; with Example Text Entered; an Example Spread; Delete Entry Confirmation Window)

The TyGirlz "My Diary" page was a proposed addition to the "All About Me" page and could be accessed by pressing a button located on the yellow podium the avatar stands on. Users could use this page as they would a physical diary, by posting new entries that could be saved, edited, or deleted. Posts were restricted to one diary page each.   

"My House" Interface Walkthrough

(images show options for Closet TabFurniture Tab; Girlz Tab; Guyz TabPetz Tab; More Tab; 1st window of the "Redesign Room" options; Change Skin Tone Tab; Rearrange Clothes Tab)

The TyGirlz "My House" page is where the user can design the look of their girl's home by placing and rotating furniture they've purchased (see gallery below for furniture examples).

  • Closet - User can change their avatar's outfit (including Tops, Accessories, Dresses and Hats).
  • Furniture - User can select furniture for placement (for Bedroom, Living Room, Lighting and Rugs).
  • Girlz - Displays user's collection of registered TyGirlz dolls. User can change avatars here.
  • Guyz - Displays user's collection of registered TyGuyz dolls.
  • Petz - Displays user's collection of registered TyPetz dolls.
  • More - Displays user's collection of Room backgrounds.
  • Redesign Room - Image shows the first window of a 5-step process for redesigning the overall look of the room. 
  • Skin Tone - Here users can change their avatar's skin tone.
  • Rearrange Clothes - Here users can change the order of their avatar's clothing layers. For example, if a belt accessory is hiding underneath a shirt asset, the user can move the belt layer above the shirt layer to make it visible. 

TyGirlz Furniture

(Furniture Contact Sheet; one chair, 4 views)

I illustrated a number of furniture assets for the TyGirlz rooms. Although only one view is shown for the examples on the contact sheet, each individual furniture piece was able to be rotated, thus requiring 4 views each, as illustrated by the Barcelona Chair example. 

Jukebox Music Player

Redesign of the TyGirlz music player, where users can select playlists of music within a certain genre. Genre options spun around carousel-style, which could be spun in either direction by using the blue arrow buttons.