Game Theory

CartoonMe Digital Avatar Creator

(images shown are screenshots from beta site) 

CartoonMe Avatar Creator

I created vector assets for the CartoonMe/Toonstarz cartoon avatar creator for the PicMorph online product. Users could select from any number of male and female features as well as choose hair, lip, eye, and skin colors and then "finalize their morph" into a usable digital avatar. 

Contact Sheets

(Male Assets; Female Assets; Monster-Maker Assets)

  • Male Assets - Example men, Hair Styles, Eyes/Noses/Mouths, Acessories (Eyewear, Facial Hair, Piercings, Hats).
  • Female Assets - Example women, Hair Styles, Eyes/Noses/Mouths, Accessories (Earrings, Eyewear, Piercings)
  • Monster-Maker Assets - Concept art and example assets for proposed monster-maker widget.

Picmorph Logo Exploration

I happen to think that logo process work is just as interesting as the end result. These images show a progression from more icon-based to more abstract. 

Robot Concepts

To be perfectly honest, I don't recall what these were for, but they're cool.