Conceptual Design

Green Chic

Saving the Earth in Style

Three book cover concepts.

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Rainforest Box

This project's aim was to provide educational materials on a particular rainforest. Rainforests are typically considered to have 5 distinct layers, each containing their own ecosystems and plants and animals that only inhabit that layer. The project's goal was to address these layers as well as to package the materials in some way. My solution was a box model, which, when assembled correctly from bottom to top, displays the rainforest as whole on it's sides. Alternatively, a student can disassemble the box layer by layer to reveal spreads highlighting aspects of each particular layer.


(WIP) Infographic concept for packaging manufacturer. 


Product concept for automated and remote-controlled doggy refuse-scooper. 


This is my full name, Justin David Kohout, hidden in line art.