Beanie Babies 2.0

Welcome to Beanieland!

Welcome to Beanieland, a magical heart-shaped world where every Beanie Baby 2.0 creature lives!  Environments that were focused on correlated with the first round of BB 2.0 characters released which were predominantly bears (Fun Forest) as well as cats, dogs (The Backyard), farm animals like ducks and sheep (The Farm) and rodents like rabbits and guinea pigs (The Hole). Although initially only these 5 areas were focused on, anticipation of future releases prompted the placement of other notable animal habitats, many of which were eventually incorporated, such as The Range (for lions and giraffes), The Jungle (for monkeys and snakes), and Iceberg Isle (for huskies and penguins).



In addition to Beanie Babies, Ty also has a line of plush dolls called TyGirlz, which could be registered online and transformed into electronic avatars of the doll. Users could have these avatars travel to cities around the world and eat, shop, buy gifts, or play games, meeting other TyGirlz fans along the way.