BB2.0 Interface and Advertising

BB2.0 Interface Screens

(for General Store; Pawn Shop; & Daily Fun)

  • General Store - Here users could purchase clothing, furniture, & food for their avatars by spending Beans (the website's in-game currency). Beans were earned by logging in daily, won by playing games or procured by some other method (such as the Garden, where users could grow and harvest currency!)
  • Pawn Shop - Here users could trade the items they no longer wanted for beans.
  • Daily Fun - A central location for playing games (versus the individual rooms on individual landing pages concept that was originally conceived). 

BB2.0 Chat Room Interface Redesign

(Concept 1: Main Screen; Concept 1: Panel & Window change; Concept 1: In-Chat Panel Display; Concept 2: Main Screen; Concept 2: In-Chat Panel Display)

Users could mouse over a chat room name (in the left bubble) or the map (both would highlight regardless of the user's choice). In addition, the window in the top of the right bubble would reveal a thumbnail of the highlighted chat room. Once selected the panel on the right would change to display the available rooms. Canned phrases were provided but users had the option to chat freestyle, where they could type what they wanted into a field. 

Eventually the latter concept was preferred due to its maximization of the screen real estate.

BB2.0 Advertising

('Beanieland is All New' Ad; '..All New' Ad Spring Concept; Spring Concept Module; Holiday Ad: Main Screen; Holiday Ad: Recruitment Screen; In-site Banner Ads)

Various advertising screens done for the push of the BB2.0 website redesign, as well as some early in-site banner ads that promoted the original 5 areas with some dynamite puns.