BB2.0 Animations


Vines' Room - This is the room for Vines, the monkey, and his furniture assets that I designed and animated. 

Vines' Entertainment Center - This 3-in-one contraption allows Vines to watch TV, listen to music, or enjoy some bubble gum.

Animated Assets for Vines, the Monkey

(Target Practice; Sea Monkeys; Banana Hammock; Jack-in-the-Box; Space Chimp Rocket Toy; Cymbals; Accordion)

Animated Assets for Topper, the Giraffe

("Swillimanjaro" - the Mountain Fountain; Top and Bottom Pieces of Giraffe Feeder; Remote Control Safari Jeep; Shower; Giraffe Closet (with neckwear and throat medicine); Africa Basketball Hoop; Giraffe Lamp)

Additional Animated Assets for other Beanies

(Sheep-Counting Machine for Shearsly, the Purple Sheep;  Egg Fridge for Eggs, the Easter Bear)